Shark Snorkelling

Come enjoy an ecotour unique to any other tourism experience in the world. Swim with and help tag & release sharks without a cage and with no risk. Encounter the harmless local sharks that are found nowhere else but South Africa, while also participating in shark conservation research. The shark snorkel & tagging tours are run twice daily from Hermanus Old Harbour. You can have faith in the ethical and safe practices of this trusted tour operator, The Shark Company, who refined their methods in attracting, capturing, tagging & releasing sharks from the eleven years of shark and conservation research experience of their parent company, the South African Shark Conservancy.

Shark Snorkelling in Hermanus

Tours start by arriving at the Shark Lab in the Old Harbour for a talk about what you will potentially see. Then it's time to gear up (all gear provided) and to get into the water! You will be guided by a first aid-qualified scuba & freediving instructor and professional underwater photographer who is highly knowledgeable about the local ecosystem. After an hour of snorkelling and exploring the kelp forests, you will be treated to a free Shark Lab tour for a closer look at the live sharks they have there for research, as well as their shark nursery.

Duration: 2.5 hours.
Ages 11+, Swimming experience necessary.

Shark Snorkelling in Hermanus

All water-related gear is provided, except for a towel and bathing suit. Clients are provided with a 5mm wetsuit, hood, gloves, booties, fins, and mask and snorkel, all sufficient to keep snorkellers warm.

You will need:
bathing suit (optional), towels, and a warm change of clothes (weather dependent).

Shark Snorkelling in Hermanus

Please note: Excessive wind and swell conditions will result in cancellation of the shark snorkelling trip. We reserve the right to cancel the trip at any given time and shall not be held responsible. These times change throughout the year and can be confirmed on booking.

Additionally, the ocean is not an aquarium and there is no guarantee of wildlife.

Shark Snorkelling in Hermanus

9h00 and 14h00

Shark Snorkelling in Hermanus

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