Sea Kayaking - Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I really do this, I've never paddled before?
Sure you can. 99% of our customers have not been in a kayak before.
2How fit do I have to be?
Not very. If you can do an hours walk then you can do this. It's only when it's very windy that the trip becomes quite strenuous. And if it's very windy we don't go out.
3I'm nearly sixty? Can I do it?
Like I said, if you can do an hours walk then you can do it. We've had many older customers and as long as you feel good you'll be fine.
4Is there a weight limit?
Over 110kg is probably pushing it.
5What about kids?
Generally from 10 years up kids are fine, especially if they are with an adult in the boat. Younger than that they need a strong adult with them because the adult does pretty much all the work. In whale season however we up the age to 12 as you need to be a little more alert in your boat.
6Will I fall off?
Almost certainly not because our kayaks are extremely stable. About two people a year on average fall in and that's usually because they are messing about. Anyway, it's also very easy to get back on.
7What kind of boats are they?
We use very stable sit-on-top, self bailing kayaks. We find people who have never paddled before become immediately comfortable because they don't feel constricted as they would in a sit-inside type of kayak and also feel that should they fall off it would be easy to get back on. We have five singles and five doubles so you can paddle with your partner if you wish.
8What must I bring?
Wear shorts and a T shirt. A hat and sun cream and a jacket for those cooler days. You can go barefoot or with sandals it is up to you - your feet shall get wet! Also bring a towel and a change of clothes for afterwards.
9When is the best time of year?
You probably think summer only, right? You are dead wrong - all year round is best. Summer of course has warm sun and warm water but it also brings many windy days. Winter on the other hand is cooler and has many completely calm, warm, beautiful days. The best time is in fact when ever you can go . At any time of year it is an experience to enjoy!