Fatbike Tours

Enjoy the best bike ride you will ever have and experience the sensation of riding on soft sand with the new Fatbikes with super wide tyres!

Stunning ride from the mountain down to the beach - Adults R990 per person & Kids 8-11yrs R690 per person  (roughly 90 - 120 minutes)

This is the ultimate ride from near Grootbos nature reserve down the mountain to the top of the Sand Dunes. The trail to the dunes is special, running on a narrow sandy horse trail through the Fynbos. When reaching the dunes you will make your way up and across to reach a fantastic downhill section where you will pick up speed before reaching the top of your first vertical dune face. After a briefing on how to ride down the dune you ride down the face, but for those just wanting an easy ride you can go around the side where it is an easy slope. The dune face may feel impossible and dangerous to do but the ride is infact very controlled and the sand will slow the bike down. What your mind tells you is impossible will in fact be very enjoyable and easy. Your guide will be at the bottom of the dunes videoing your challenges so remember to smile :-) The guide will also teach you how to do slalom like a skier on a snow ski slope. This is excellent fun on a bike and not too difficult to achieve. After the dunes you will pick up a 4x4 trail down to the beach. From there you will head back up to the car park but for those who are already tired your guide can bring the 4x4 down to the rocks so you do not have to ride up :-)

Transport up to the Dunes
Guided tour - Down huge Sand Dunes of De Kelders to Die Plaat Beach
Pick-up / Drop-off if required in Gansbaai or De kelders
Hi-res Photos of the tour
Protective gear (Helmet)
Light refreshments
Nature reserve entry

Items of a personal nature
Bike Riding Shoes
Riding shorts & Top