Hermanus Team Building Activities

Dynamic and exciting teambuilding programmes are offered for informal and fun events. Although we are based in Hermanus, our teambuilding events can be held at any venue of choice within the Western Cape. We can even assist you with sourcing the right venue for your event.

We offer many standard teambuilding activities, but what stands us apart from the other teambuilding companies is that we tailor make programs specific to each company's requirements, knowing that the staff profile, budget and style of event is unique to each of our clients.

Informal teambuilding events have strong emphasis on team work and realise certain outcomes, yet retain a strong element of fun throughout. For those that simply want a fun day out, we offer many different teambuilding packages with something suitable for all levels of fitness, both outdoor and indoor.

Events vary from half a day through to multi day stay overs, and can include accommodation, meals and entertainment if required.

Some of our most popular teambuilding programs are given below:

These take many different forms, all of which are challenging, loads of fun, and have the teams chasing each other's tails when trying to find the checkpoints to successfully complete the challenges presented at each. We have amazing races in vehicles and on foot and tailor make these itineraries to suit each company's requirements.
From R450 pp

When you want to test the level of teamwork and camaraderie, then the adventure challenge course is the one to choose. In this challenge you have to work as a team to complete the obstacles, working out the strengths and weaknesses of each team player to assist them through the course. Besides being a great team challenge, the adventure course is excellent for personal achievement as well.
From R350 pp

A day out at the beach is always a winner. We have a variety of different beach themed events. These can be recommended to you based on the level of fitness of your team. Activities can include bucket hula, target Frisbee, sack races, bomb the sandcastle, blind folded kayaking, blokarting, kite building and flying, volley ball, beach soccer and much more. Our specific themed event "Shipwrecked" is also a bundle of fun as your teams build floating craft and an island camp from the wreckage and flotsam.
From 395 pp

Many of you like to show off your amazing cooking skills. We have just the range of cook-offs for you to participate in to see which team emerges as the Top Chefs. We offer Braaimaster; Ready Steady Cook; Potjiekos cook-off; Bread Baking and Chocolate making a bunch of different options to select from depending on your preferred style of cooking. This is a good choice for teams wanting to avoid too much physical activity. It's social, highly competitive and creates great excitement when it comes to the judging time! You will be simply amazed at the incredible creations and superb tastes that emerge during this competition.
From R 350 pp

One of our most popular activities is shooting the range of handguns and pump action shotguns as you aim for the targets and chase the flying clay pigeons in your quest to be the best shot of the day. This exhilarating activity is suitable for everyone that enjoys adrenalin, and requires no prior experience. Our shooting facilitator leads you through a tutorial on the weapon you are shooting and in no time you will be competing with your team mates to become the Hot Shot of the day. Minimum of 150 shots per group.
From R 390 pp

In business today, teambuilding is not just about getting out there and having fun - there is a more serious side to it all, when communication, conflict, group problem solving, trust and many other pertinent focus areas require attention within your team. Our specialist facilitators will work together with you to create focussed set of experiential activities totally relevant to your unique group, bringing home the message of where the breakdown is happening, together with a transfer of learning that can be applied in the workplace to improve the team.
From R 300 pp

Bringing out the creative side of your team often brings about a new awareness of your colleagues and you see them in a totally new light, never having guessed they are hiding such amazing talent. Music is such fun. It lifts the spirits of the group. It brings out a wildside. So, be it drumming, or one of our tailored music events such as our Rock Band, the Interactive build your own instruments or simply a wild Karaoke event, we offer it all. On the art side, we have creative workshops specifically aimed at teamwork, large canvas creations and much more. Let us work with you to tailor the most incredible creativity in your team - something that you may not have thought possible.
From 250 pp

The group is divided into two tribes. Depending on the size of your group, you may have sub-tribes within each tribe, ultimately all collecting points for your main tribe. The teams are pitched against each other in fun and challenging activities in true survivor style, with the aim of leaving your competitors eating your dust as you watch them trailing in your wake! This is a team-building event to stimulate and strengthen the bond between members of any team.
From R350 pp

Ever wanted to try your hand at making your own wine? Well, short of stomping the grapes and having to learn all the intracacies of wine making, there are not many people that get to do this! So, we have made it easy for you. Under the expert guidance of our winemaker to facilitate the process and to share some of that intimate knowledge of wine with you, you are led through a process of wine blending, as your teams vie against each other to create the finest blend. The winning team gets to have their blend made up for the whole group, and each person walks away with a bottle of the winning blend. As we use very fine wines for this activity, the budget for this would be more suited to management or senior groups.
From R450 pp